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Eyes opened. Lump formed. Tears poured. Reading through Numbers 20:1-13, God revealed His Truths in such a powerful way. I grabbed my laptop and started writing…


Parched and thirsty,

God’s children complained.

Moses fell before the Lord,

Pleading in His name.

God spoke to Moses,

Directions He displayed.

Moses listened with intent,

But selfishness led the way.

 God commanded Moses,

“Speak and the rock will supply.”

But Moses disobeyed,

On himself he did rely.

  Lack of honor and respect,

Moses did portray.

Focusing on the people,

Led him fully astray.

 Moses lost the blessing,

The Promised Land he missed.

  Greatly filled with sorrow,

A choice he’d never forget.

 Heed the lessons learned,

Never lose sight of God’s Word.

Hallow Him in every way.

Listen, trust, and obey.

We must follow God’s instructions… COMPLETELY! Never add to nor take away from His directions. Listening and obeying His Word is vital to accomplishing God’s purposes. We must keep our eyes on Jesus. This prevents us from being swayed by the world’s point of view.

Our goal is not to impress others, but to live sold out for Jesus.


From My Heart to Yours,

Carla McDougal

Founder of Reflective Life Ministries

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