Silence. Why is this so difficult?

Can you remember a time you prayed with all your heart about something? Possibly you prayed for years and years. Maybe it seemed as if your prayers just hit the ceiling and bounced back. In all honesty, this can be discouraging! In fact, at this point, many give up and throw in the towel.

Silence. How do we trust when we don’t see results?

Corrie Ten Boom was a Nazi prison camp survivor who watched her sister suffer and die during their imprisonment. She barely survived herself. Despite all her trials, she forgave her abusers and continued to trust in God. Her life story is a picture of living, walking, and breathing Jesus. Through difficult and life threatening situations, her faith in God never wavered. She trusted Him even when she didn’t see immediate results. How? She believed in who God was, not in what He could do for her. She trusted God’s Word twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Her faith wasn’t based on what God was doing in her life but in the character of God.Even in desperate circumstances, her walk with Jesus remained strong. She focused on Him, not the situation. As a result, her life example continues to encourage others, many years after her death.

Silence. Sometimes in the stillness, God is doing His greatest work.

I understand the silence of depression. The haunting memories linger close to my heart and mind. In this season it seemed difficult for me to hear from God. Deeper and deeper I spiraled into this pit. I prayed, but no answers. I asked, but no response. My thoughts escalated out of control until one day I screamed, “God, Help!” And He showed up in a mighty way. Little did I know He allowed this time of what I call “silence” to be one of the greatest teachable times in my life.

God calls us to listen to Him. Trust His plan. Surrender it all, with no strings attached. Cast your cares upon Him.

In the silence…

Pray. Continue to lift your requests before Him.
Trust. God is in the midst of accomplishing His purposes for His glory.
Praise. Praise Him before the answer is revealed.

Do you feel like a broken record when you ask God over and over to answer the same request? Do you trust He is in control? Is the stillness weighing on you? Right now, turn the silence into a deeper faith in Jesus. Remember, sometimes in the silence, God is doing His most powerful work. Have fun praying, trusting, and praising Jesus in the silence.

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