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Image 4 - God Appoints

My seat assignment––17A. The last row in the airplane. Immediately, negative thoughts
rushed in… I won’t be able to recline my seat. I have to listen to the engine roar the whole
way home. I’ll be the last one off the plane! But my spirit quickened after the Lord

reminded me of my prayer that morning, “Lord, please give me a divine seat assignment on the airplane. Amen.” I stopped grumbling and anticipated His appointment.

Right before the passengers started boarding the plane, my husband was called to the
boarding counter. He was offered an upgrade to first class because of his airline status.
After receiving it, he calmly turned and handed it to me saying, “I want you to have this
seat.” With a willing heart and a sigh of relief, I said, “Oh, you are so sweet. YES, I’ll take it!” Looking at the ticket, I noticed the seat assignment was now 1C. Woohoo! I thought to


I secured my items and made myself comfortable in my newly assigned seat. At the same

time, the lady next to me arranged her belongings. Now sitting side-by-side, a conversation sparked. You know the surface talk… Do you live in Houston? Where do you work? How often do you travel out of town? After takeoff, our conversation deepened. She asked me about my occupation. I replied with the usual, “I’m a Christian author and speaker.” Immediately, the Holy Spirit reminded me of my morning prayer, “Lord, please give me a divine seat assignment on the airplane.”

In a matter of minutes, the woman opened up and poured out her story to me. Before I

knew it, we were praying together. I shared how my originally assigned seat was on the last row of the plane, but God shuffled the seats around to place me on the first row. In tears, she grabbed my hand and we thanked God for allowing us to sit next to each other. We still stay in touch through email. I praise God for how He orchestrated a divine assignment.

Sometimes unexpected changes or circumstances might actually be divine appointments.
Focusing on God changes our perspective. Realizing we, as God’s children, are His hands

and feet helps us keep a heavenly point of view, resulting in a life sold out for Jesus.

Ask God for a divine assignment today. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you recognize it and
follow through with all God has planned. It is so much fun serving our Lord and Savior,
Jesus. What a blessing to take part in a divine appointment. Again, I am reminded, “It’s not about me, but all about Him!” Live sold out for Him through your daily activities,

conversations, and prayers. Look for ways God opens doors for His children to connect and unite as one.

Read Acts 15:36-41 and Acts 16:1-15. Notice all of the divine assignments along the way.
Praise God for the appointments He has planned for you today.
~ Excerpt from SOLD OUT, Pg. 24 ~
From My Heart to Yours,

Carla McDougal

Check out Reflective Life Ministries newest film project… STRONGER

Stronger Poster Thumbnail

Master Sergeant Victor Raphael is nearing the end of his military career when an explosion in Afghanistan leaves him injured. Back home, he is thrust into battle once again, but he hasn’t been trained for this type of warfare. Physical rehabilitation is painful, and he has more to overcome than his physical injuries. His wife, Michelle, is distant, and their marriage seems to be held together only by her sense of duty.

Vic’s first response is isolation, but that becomes a dead end. Feeling hopeless and alone, he is introduced to something new and uncomfortable— meeting in community with others who have faced trauma. People who endured and survived some terrible things, with the scars to prove it, are brought into his life. It is easy to see that these unlikely heroes now live with a hope and purpose far beyond this life. Somehow, their trials have made them STRONGER.

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Laughter is the body’s best medicine. Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. Laughter is an instant vacation.

Through the years, I recall hearing these statements. I’m not sure how true they are, but each definition leads me to believe a sense of humor brings positive results. Learning to laugh is a skill—or is it?

Some people might think of laughter as an action or sound. Others might describe laughter as a vocal burst of air with interesting facial and body movements. Another might define the word laughter as an eruption of noises from the vocal cords causing others to join in. No matter what the explanation, one thing is certain—laughter is almost always contagious.

For some odd reason, things happen to me that make other people laugh, a lot! A close, lifelong friend once said, “Carla, I think the Lord allows all these funny moments in your life so you can use them as spiritual teaching lessons for your speaking engagements.” Well, if you have heard me speak at an event, you know I have plenty of teaching lessons to use. Let me illustrate my point.

With my head still on my pillow, I thanked God for the day ahead. Excitement filled my heart. It was my first day to teach my Reflecting Him Bible study to approximately 150 women at a large church in The Woodlands, Texas. I started praying over the women, asking God to connect our hearts. I meditated on the focus verse (2 Corinthians 3:18) for Reflecting Him…

And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord glory are being transformed into His likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the spirit. 

I climbed out from under the covers and stumbled into the bathroom. With my vision still blurry, I glanced into the mirror. Something caught my attention. Leaning in for a better look, my mouth dropped open, and I screamed, “My face is falling off!” Bewildered. Confused. Dismayed. I suddenly remembered that two days before, a dear friend performed a chemical peel on my face. Her new job required her to use the peel treatment on a few clients before she received her certification. Since this procedure was at no cost to me, eagerly volunteered. Little did I know, she loved me enough to add a booster to the process. All I can say is, “It worked!” For a brief second, my mind spun out of control. The women probably won’t even notice. I could call in sick and not show up. I could walk in at the last minute and leave after the Amen. 

But reality set in as God reminded me of the purpose of Reflecting Him—to recognize the spiritual life lessons He gives us every day. God continually reminds me of how important it is to be real and authentic at all of my speaking engagements. Needless to say, I was a living example of the focus verse… with unveiled faces. I am not kidding. My face continued to peel all morning long. I couldn’t just ignore it, and my story caused the whole class to experience the true meaning of laughter. The room was filled with giggles, chuckles, and realness!

Yes, God answered my prayer and connected our hearts. I smile as I think about the creative ways God works things to His glory.

Ask the Lord to bring some laughter into your life. Of course, I am not talking about laughing at people. I am encouraging genuine, pure humor that causes you to experience the joy of the Lord. I know God has a sense of humor. Think about it—in Numbers 22:28, God allowed a donkey to talk! Look for opportunities to laugh and smile. Let Him teach you spiritual lessons through the humorous moments in life as you live sold out for Him. And, remember to Laugh – it’s like God’s medicine for our souls.

Excerpt from SOLD OUT Live for Jesus, pg. 110, Carla McDougal

From My Heart to Yours,

Carla McDougal

FAITH AND FIRE – Justina Page

FAITH AND FIRE – Justina Page

10348710_1433744866879119_6531107053947822055_oMeet my sweet friend, Justina Page. She is one amazing woman of God! Justina’s love for Jesus inspires and spurs others forward to seek the same passion for Him. Today, her new book, The Circle of Fire, releases to the public. Her story of hope and healing through Jesus is one I will never forget. May God bless you as you read her article… FAITH AND FIRE – Justina Page.

The Mother of His Children

He knelt on one knee. The tiny box appeared out of nowhere. My heart skipped a beat. This is it…he’s going to ask me.

“Tina”, he said in the most loving voice, “Will you be the Mother of my children?”

Not exactly the question I anticipated but a far more superior one. This man was thinking of a future. He trusted me to guide his home and shape his offspring. I saw him as the future I dreamed of.

I Said Yes

We were married 3 months later. Ten years into the journey we were blessed to with six beautiful baby boys. Four single births and a set of twins. My husband was a Senior Electrical Engineer for a Holland Based Engineering firm. He was also the head deacon and worship leader. I was a homeschool mom, Sunday school teacher, and the children’s activity coordinator at our church. My whole life revolved around my children. Our lives were full of activity, excitement, and service to God. Life was good and peaceful. Life was perfect.

Catastrophe Strikes

On March 7, 1999, we awoke to explosions, immense heat, and darkness. Oh my God the house is on fire! My husband immediately throws me out of the window desperate to trying save his family. I reenter the inferno in an attempt to get to the 22-month twins who I knew could not follow a fire safety plan. I am trapped by a burning bookcase. My oldest son grabbed his three younger brothers and waited at the point. My husband is able to rescue them and they walk away by the grace of God with only 1st and 2nd-degree burns. The fire is so intense that my husband has to run around the block and jump over the neighbor’s back fence to get to the nursery where the twins were located. He pulls one of the twins out. He is severely burned. Then the crushing blow happens. The house caves in before my husband is able to rescue the last twin. We lose Amos on sight. Me and the other twin suffer 3rd-degree burns over 55% of our bodies. My husband is told we would not make it.

Where Is My God

I awoke from a 2-month coma, intubated and in excruciating pain. My first thought: who lived? My second thought: Where is my God? A common thought amongst Christians especially when we are faced with adversity. God has taught me some valuable answers I would like to share with you:

  • God never changes locations… he is in heaven in complete authority
  • God is not an abuser and helper……God is good
  • Any experience a child of God has works together for good…..even the tragic ones
  • We are not exempt from trial…….we are told to prepare for them
  • God makes all things beautiful in his time… can come from ashes

Stay Encouraged

In your moment of trial…trust God. Your greatest pain can birth your most powerful purpose!

Justina Page is a natural storyteller who speaks with a bold and refreshing honesty that touches the hearts of audiences. Her speeches unfold with a combination of humor, insightful observation, and wisdom, as well as practical application. A woman whose faith was tested by fire, she now inspires audiences across the country with a powerful message of Rekindled Hope, Renewed Purpose, and Bold Faith. She is the Founder and Executive Director of The Amos House of Faith, a non-profit organization, established to provide post-burn support to children and families affected by burn trauma.

Thank you, Justina, for encouraging us today. Thank you for allowing God to use your story, for His glory! You can purchase Circle of Fire and the study guide at Amazon. Justina is also cast in the Reflective Life Ministries movie STRONGER, where she plays the role of Aunt Hazel.  

Blessings From My Heart to Yours,

Carla McDougal

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